Study: 66% of Moroccans think 2021 will be a better year

The level of optimism of Moroccans towards the year 2021 climbed by 3% with the announcement of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, reveals an investigation. In addition, the optimist index reached 66% of the population questioned.

According to the results of the survey which combined questions on the level of optimism about the year 2021 as well as on vaccination, Moroccans are 66% confident, and believe that this year will be “better” than 2020 , and they are 56% to consider themselves “very optimistic”.

“With the imminence of the vaccination campaign in Morocco, the degree of optimism of the population questioned is increasing day by day” and “the optimism index climbed by 3% over the course of a week », Reveals the survey conducted by Imperium, a firm specializing in market research.

Regarding the epidemiological situation, 57% of those questioned affirm that “everything will have ended by the first half of the year 2021”, while 5% of them believe that it will take more than a year for a return to normal.

“This tendency (of optimism) is confirmed with young people who are very optimistic about the changes that will be associated with the end of the pandemic”, indicates the survey which estimates that young people expect more “stability” and “dynamism in the labor market”.

In terms of the economic situation for 2021, they are 12% to think that the year that it will be “worse than before”. This feeling was the result of the economic upheavals undergone by households during the coronavirus crisis which saw their consumption habits change.

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The coronavirus has changed the spending of 2 in 3 Moroccans reveals the study which reports that 51% of respondents spent more than 75% of their savings during the pandemic.

“The pandemic had a significant impact on the population interviewed, the study having revealed a savings cogitation index of 78%”, indicate the results of the survey which affirm that this should impact the consumption habits of Moroccans in 2021, believing that impulsive acts of pleasure-buying are rarer.

The study conducted in December 2020 finds that more Moroccans are now thinking about saving, it has even “become a priority in the + mindset + of Moroccans: more than 7 Moroccans out of 10 think about saving, and 5 think very much about it. seriously ”.

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