Launch of the internal audit program

The General Directorate of Territorial Communities (DGCT), in partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD) and the support of the General Inspectorate of Territorial Administration (IGAT) and the Association of Regions of Morocco (ARM ) this Wednesday, January 13, launched the project to set up the internal audit system within the Councils of the Regions.

The launch of the project to set up the internal audit sector is part of the strengthening of decentralization and advanced regionalization and the adoption by the Councils of the regions of good management practices indicated during a webinar held on this occasion, the Wali, Director General of Territorial Communities, Khalid Safir.

The manager continued that this project is also part of the activation of the principle of accountability and the implementation of the provisions of the law on regions, which stipulates a number of principles of good governance. .

Internal audit is also part of the mechanisms that will give a practical dimension to the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution, said the Wali noting that the project of support and accompaniment of the regions in the implementation of the sector of the he internal audit is based on an integrated approach that aims to strengthen the efficiency of the performance of regions and improve the services provided to citizens, entrepreneurs and investors.

The added value of this project is mainly represented in the guarantee of the effectiveness of the projects led by the Councils of the regions, he noted, highlighting the support of the DGCT to the regions to enable them to set up a internal audit system.

Also speaking during a webinair, the Wali, Inspector General of Territorial Administration (IGAT) Zineb El Adaoui, stressed that the internal audit process is ” Very important »To strengthen the performance and decisions of the regional administration and to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of its performance in order to meet the objectives of regional development, given the challenges of spatial development, in relation to the expectations of citizens, civil society as well as investors.

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The manager continued that the regions are now invited to modernize their operating tools and qualify their human resources, including control mechanisms. El Adaoui adds that the creation of the internal audit function within the regions will constitute a pillar to modernize the regional administration.

This internal audit will also allow a quantitative and qualitative management of the risks, and this according to a process (identification, evaluation, analysis, ..), observed the Wali, recalling that the audit reports of IGAT noted certain shortcomings in the assessment of risk at regional level, hence “un proliferation of actors with tangled skills ”.

Thus, the Wali noted that “ six of the twelve regions of the Kingdom have no structures or have weak structures in terms of internal audit ” recalling that the budgets allocated to the regions have increased from 12 billion DH (MMD) in 2016 to 24 billion DH in 2018 in order to enable them to carry out their constitutional missions.

For his part, the President of the Association of Regions of Morocco (ARM), Mohand Laenser, indicated that this project will strengthen effective territorial governance at the level of the Councils of the Regions, as well as contribute to the success of the construction site. advanced regionalization, noting The urgent need to help regions embody the principles of good governance.

The official clarified that the internal audit function will include various areas of financial, accounting and operational audit, stressing the importance of the audit of projects of the regions, in terms of the management of their financial and human resources, and of identify and correct imbalances.

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Mohand Laenser similarly indicated that the implementation of internal audit would be seen as one of the indicators of the existence of a culture of accountability within the regions, noting that for the internal audit function to be successful , it is necessary to provide a set of components, the most important of which is the compatibility of the components of the boards of entities concerning the audit charter, and the concern that the auditors have the required skills and enjoy independence, while ensuring that they benefit from continuous training.

For his part, Mihoub Mezouaghi, Director of AFD’s Office in Morocco, welcomed this partnership, and said that this pandemic crisis has accelerated certain transitions in Morocco, in particular advanced regionalization.

In recent years, AFD has focused, through its financing, towards the regions ”He specified, noting that the mobilization of this financing will be a performance lever for the municipalities and that this partnership will strengthen the capacities of development and evaluation of public policies.

Public investments in Morocco have reached significant levels, hence the importance of good governance in order to guarantee their efficiency, he noted, adding that AFD will approach local actors to support them in this process. project.

Addressing the climate issue, Mezouaghi affirmed that AFD will support this project ” very framed in Morocco’s strategies ”, saying they are very satisfied with this partnership. A strategic project, the project to set up the internal audit system within the Councils of the Regions is part of the advanced regionalization and administrative decentralization. It aims to consolidate achievements in the promotion of good territorial governance.

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