Ismaïl Alaoui reveals the truth of the farm that Hassan II allegedly offered him (VIDEO)

“Not at all, my dear sir! No lot of land was offered to me! “. Such was the clear and clear answer of the ex-SG of the PPS, “the Sage of the party of the Book”, to the question about a farm which the late king Hassan II would have offered to him.

Ismaïl Alaoui, guest of our “Hikayat” series, recalls that this episode dates back to the legislative session between 1984 and 1992. More exactly during the meeting of the late Sovereign with the members of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development ( AGRI).

And to specify that when the members of the said Commission were greeting the late Hassan II, the latter had explained to him that his presence was due to his situation as a deputy having studied agriculture at the University and professor of rural geography (note, Ismaïl Alaoui studied, among others, at the Institute of Geography of the University of Paris-Sorbonne).

Ismaïl Alaoui specified that, during this brief meeting, the late Sovereign learned that he was running his son-in-law’s farm. This had an area of ​​220 hectares, of which 180 were reserved for breeding and 40 fallow. “I’ll see,” the king replied to Ismaïl Alaoui.

In this third episode of “Hikayat”, our illustrious guest also recalled that, subsequently, Mohamed Meziane Belafkih had contacted him to tell him that the Sovereign had decided that it was possible to rent one of the farms of the ‘State to the Alaoui family. Ismaïl Alaoui had then opted for a farm of 280 hectares, located in the region of Gharb and whose management was entrusted to his brother. “It is he who I visit, more than I go there to visit the farm”, he insisted.

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In addition, Ismaïl Alaoui added that a person, “Samahahou Allah” (May God forgive him!), Recently dared to write that “I had received as a donation a farm of… 5250 hectares! “. This is very false and we can check it with the competent services, responsible for real estate and land, ”he said. As for the farm in question, it was leased by contract, all of the provisions of which he had not noticed. Among these, one article states that the rent increases by 20% every five years.

Ismaïl Alaoui also spoke of his exclusion from the University, along with Khalid Naciri and Abdelouahad Radi. And this in order to distance him from the student environment and union action. Separation and estrangement of which this third episode of “Hikayat” gives more details.

Larbi Alaoui and Youssef Bajaja

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