Casablanca Stock Exchange: Opening in good shape

The Casablanca Stock Exchange started Wednesday’s session on a good note, with its flagship Masi index taking 0.07%.

A few minutes after the opening, the Masi, a global index made up of all equity-type securities, rose to 11,305.24 points, and the Madex, a compact index made up of stocks quoted on a continuous basis, gained 0.08% to 9,207.04 points.

The Morocco Stock Index 20 (MSI20), which reflects the price performance of the 20 most liquid companies listed on the Casablanca market, appreciated by 0.06% to 924.43 points.

Regarding the international indices, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 index gained 0.09% to 10,318.22 points and the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid increased 0.05% to 9,748.84 points.

The benchmark Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) “Casablanca ESG 10”, meanwhile, lost 0.10% to 858.09 points.

On the value side, Delattre Levivier Maroc (+ 3.97%) was leading the Masi at the start of the day, ahead of Lesieur Cristal (+ 3.42%), and Jet Contractors (+ 2.19%).

On the downside, Med Paper shares lost 2.07%, the biggest drop, followed by Delta Holding (-1.68%) and CTM (-1.13%).

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed higher on Tuesday, with Masi and Madex taking 0.43% and 0.44% respectively.

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