“Autonomy is achievable, not partition”, says the German ambassador in Rabat

The German Ambassador in Rabat, Götz Schmidt-Bremme, confirmed that Morocco is the most stable and reliable partner of the Maghreb region, noting and that relations between Berlin and Rabat are excellent and free from any bilateral misunderstanding.

In the first part of his video interview with Hespress, the German ambassador pointed out that trade between the two countries has increased tenfold over the past fifteen years, pointing out that German companies operating in the TangierTetouan region -Al Hoceima have succeeded, despite the Corona pandemic, in developing their productivity and contributing to the industrial fabric of the region during the year 2020.

In his interview, the German ambassador welcomed the resumption of diplomatic relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv, considering that King Mohammed VI, who chairs the Jerusalem Committee, the presence of more than a million Jews of Moroccan origin in Israel, in addition to the presence of ministers of Moroccan origin in the Netanyahu government are all channels in which Morocco can tap to influence the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The diplomat said that Morocco and Germany have the same goals for the two-state solution as the basis for settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Regarding the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize the Moroccan Sahara, Ambassador Götz Schmidt-Bremme explained that he had discussed it with his colleague David Fischer, the US ambassador in Rabat, and stressed that this conflict has lasted for more than forty years. and is now mature enough to be resolved.

The Berlin ambassador in Rabat added that the American approach to this conflict differs from that of Germany or Europe, indicating however that he sees the autonomy initiative as a realistic and practical solution, adding in this regard that ” it is difficult to find a more realistic and reliable solution », That this project proposed by Morocco. The German diplomat added that he does not recognize that autonomy is ” the only solution to the conflict, but it remains the most realistic and the most practical, according to him. The situation of the “Polisario” front has today become very “delicate” according to the diplomat after the two successive setbacks recently suffered, the first in the events of de Guerguerat, and the second through American recognition. “.

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The ambassador added that the “Polisario” must face the facts that the solution of an independent Sahrawi state cannot be solved on the ground. The ambassador believes that to reconcile points of view, Morocco and the ” Polisario »Sit at the same table to seek a compromise solution satisfying the parties concerned, believing that this concerted solution must remain within the framework of the Moroccan initiative (autonomy). Because the entire international community is unanimous on the fact that this is a realistic and practical proposal. Götz Schmidt-Bremme drew attention to the need for Morocco to convince the “Polisario” front of the positivity of the autonomy proposal, indicating that their rejection of this initiative may result from their ignorance of the merits of this solution. He stressed that the proposals, such as separation, are now “ rejected “And” unrealistic “In this interview, the German ambassador considered that the persistent refusal of the front” Polisario To negotiate the Moroccan proposal could endanger the region through the spread of violent extremism.

In his response to a question about strengthening German investments in southern regions, in line with the new Moroccan approach, the same diplomat explained that the German government does not impose any restrictions or directives on German companies regarding the areas in which they should invest, noting that there are German companies investing in the region in advance. He added that with regard to the situation in the Sahara, some German companies prefer to avoid facing problems related to the conflict, such as the filing of complaints against them by the ” Polisario », Noting that in view of this status quo, the German government cannot provide guarantees to the Germans to invest in the southern regions.

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Ambassador Götz Schmidt underlined that there is no official German decision or within the framework of the European Union calling for a boycott of investments in the Sahara with regard to the partnership which binds Morocco to the European Union and which also includes the southern regions.

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