The CGEM is making a major change in its Observatory of professional branches

The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) has made a major shift at the level of the Trades and Skills Observatory of Professional Branches (OdB).

The Observatory will now work to collect the data necessary for forecasting the needs in trades and skills of the sectors represented by their respective sector federations and Interprofessional Groups of Consulting Assistance (GIAC), indicates the CGEM in a press release.

The OdB will thus provide the elements necessary for defining the strategic orientations of the sectors, specifies the CGEM, noting that this change is part of its ambition which consists in repositioning the OdB as a reliable, agile and efficient support for sectors in defining their training needs.

This new impetus also marks the resumption of the activities of the Observatory which, from the first meeting of its Management Board, revised the outline explaining its role in supporting GIACs in the financing and implementation of Sectoral Engineering Actions (AIS ) for the benefit of associations and professional branches, adds the same source.

In addition, at its last meeting held on December 29, 2020, the Central Committee for Special Training Contracts (CCCSF), the central body for the management of the continuing training funding mechanism, unanimously approved the new operational diagram presented by the OdB. He also considered this scheme capable of providing the agility necessary for carrying out studies and their translation into training courses that meet the expectations of companies.

The CCCSF also approved the launch of 58 strategic analysis studies / sectoral engineering which will ultimately lead to group training plans for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises, according to a largely simplified procedure (third-party payment), notes the press release.

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To steer this transition, Chakib Alj, Chairman of the CGEM and of the Supervisory Board of the OdB, appointed Jalal Charaf, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Confederation, as Chairman of the Observatory’s Management Board.

Mr. Charaf has proven experience in the field. In the past, he held the post of Director of In-Service Training at the Office for Vocational Training and Work Promotion (OFPPT), the same source concludes.

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