Mines: Authorizations withdrawn or abandoned re-granted under conditions

Authorizations to search for minerals and to operate withdrawn or abandoned mines will be re-granted under specific conditions by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and the Environment.

A press release from the ministry specifies that this operation is part of the national mining heritage rehabilitation program, through which the ministry aims to help boost the national economy, by adopting the principles of good governance and increasing the attractiveness of the mining sector for investment, as well as by creating employment opportunities.

It is also part of the implementation of the provisions of Law No. 33.13 on mines, as well as of the ministry’s plan to restructure mining activity through the establishment of legal mechanisms. and regulations that will, in particular, promote the performance of the mining sector and make it an essential pillar of regional and local development.

The order of the Minister of Energy and Mines defining the conditions for re-granting authorizations was thus published in the official bulletin n ° 6948 bis, on December 31, 2020, accompanied by the lists of authorizations withdrawn or abandoned and the draft reallocation of 2,436 authorizations covering a total area of ​​approximately 33,000 km 2 (including 122 operating authorizations and 2,314 research authorizations).

The press release therefore notes that the application files will be submitted by the mining companies to the headquarters of the regional directorates of the energy and mines department concerned, within 30 days from March 1, 2021.

On the basis of the principle of the right of access to information and in order to respect the principles of transparency and equal opportunities, the list of authorizations to be re-granted will be published by the ministry on its electronic site and displayed at the headquarters of the directorates. regions concerned.

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