Tangier: opening of the exhibition tribute to the late Ahmed Al Barrak

The opening of the exhibition tribute to the late painter Ahmed Al Barrak took place on Sunday at the Medina Art Gallery in Tangier, the opportunity to discover a large retrospective retracing the various facets of his work.

This exhibition, held on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Ahmed Al Barrak, shows more than 20 paintings painted with different techniques, inviting visitors on a journey through time and memory.

A multi-talented visual artist, the late Ahmed Al Barrak used controlled or dynamic lines in his paintings, and contrasting shades of color, sometimes dark and bright in other cases, offering visitors an immersion in a world imbued with beauty and serenity, as part of this exceptional exhibition, which will run until February 10.

The opening of the exhibition, which was held with a limited number of guests in accordance with the health measures recommended to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, was marked by the presentation of a beautiful book, entitled “Ahmed Al Barrak, the painter of memory”, which includes photos of the late artist and his works, as well as articles dealing with the different stages of his rich artistic career, written by Mohamed Ameskane, Mohamed Métalsi, Khalil M ‘ Rabet, Omar Salhi, and the wife of the deceased, Hafida Aouchar.

“Today we are celebrating the works of an outstanding artist who has marked the Moroccan artistic scene, through his creations which touch on several fields of plastic art, in addition to being a teacher who has ensured, throughout throughout his distinguished artistic career, to pass on his knowledge to students, ”Mr. Ameskane told MAP.

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The writer assured that the late Ahmed Al Barrak “was a discreet man who worked in silence, and now we are discovering, perhaps for the first time, a set of his works which retrace the different stages of his artistic journey” , noting that this exhibition is organized at the initiative of the Medina Art Gallery, with the active contribution of Ms. Aouchar.

In this regard, Mr. Ameskane highlighted the publication of an art book celebrating this creator, noting that this work includes personal photos of the late artist and his paintings exhibited in the gallery, as well as articles signed by experts in the artistic field, including Mohamed Métalsi, Khalil M’Rabet and Hafida Aouchar.

For his part, the director of the Medina Art Gallery, Omar Salhi, indicated that the Moroccan art scene has lost a great artist, which is why it was decided to organize this event to pay tribute to his works, stressing that the Canvases exhibited exceed the 20 works, knowing that other paintings could not be exhibited for lack of space.

“Despite the diversity of styles, the variety of subjects he dealt with and the different execution methods he was able to employ, Al Barrak knew how to preserve the unity of his artistic personality. This is due to its ability to reuse a very wide range of symbols and patterns taken from the visual universe of its environment, by means of a new vision, ”Mr. Métalsi wrote in the book.

For his part, Khalil M’Rabet clarified that “Ahmed Al Barrak’s painting undergoes several changes as the series of canvases underline”, noting that it “gives food for thought to the past and the present of a living culture, disrupts the banal and transfigures it ”.

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Born in 1952 in Tetouan, Ahmed Al Barrak continued his primary studies there before arriving in Tangier at the age of 12. After obtaining his technician diploma, he joined the Regional Pedagogical Center of Rabat from where he graduated in 1975. He then taught in the first cycle, then he was admitted to the entrance examination to the Special Cycle of Rabat in 1979. He then teaches in the second cycle and continues to follow various courses in Morocco and abroad to perfect his teaching techniques. Ahmed Al Barrak died on January 10, 2020 in Tangier, bequeathing a work that testifies to a rich and passionate life.

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