The CCM Grand Prix at the Indian International Diorama Film Bazaar Festival

The Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) won on Monday the Grand Prize of the Indian international festival Diorama film Bazaar in the category of presentation of the best filming locations.

The second and third place of this 2nd edition, organized in virtual mode, went respectively to the Spanish Film Commission (Spain) and Gujarat Tourism (India).

On this occasion, the director of the CCM, Sarim Fassi Fihri, highlighted the strengths of the destination Morocco, as a global filming location as well as the great opportunities offered by the Kingdom in terms of the production of major cinematographic works.

In addition to the quality infrastructure and diversified filming landscapes available to Morocco, Mr. Fassi Fihri also highlighted the proven expertise of Moroccan filmmakers as well as the filming and production facilities offered in the field of the 7th art.

In the category of best international feature film, the Grand Prize went to “Mystic Shrine Maiden” directed by Japanese director Takeshi Sone, while the prize for best documentary film went to “Tickets, Please” directed by the French, Astrid Serafini.

The Best Short Film Award went to “Today You, Tomorrow Me” by the American, Christopher Neal, while the Bengali-Indian feature film “Parcel”, directed by the Indian Indrasis Acharya won the audience’s prize.

In addition to the screening of a record number of 200 films representing some sixty countries, this edition was marked by the organization of 131 round tables and interactive sessions involving Indian and foreign actors and directors, as well as the participation of a a host of Oscar and Bafta guest-winners.

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“Through this festival, we aspire to connect film industry professionals, actors, content sellers and tourism agencies around the world,” festival director Kunal Srivastava told reporters.

It is also about presenting the innovative concepts in the field of cinema, with the organization of several sessions on the methods of creating video clips and the production and composition of music for films, he said.

This edition, organized from December 18 to January 1, was marked by the participation of film distribution companies, film production companies, film commissions and tourist offices representing some twenty countries.

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