New air links to boost tourism in Fez and Meknes

“The region having been particularly affected by the crisis, the recovery strategy should be particularly offensive and the levers should be activated quickly,” said the ONMT in a press release following a meeting with local officials.

On the occasion, Adel El Fakir, Director General of the ONMT indicated that “the strategy will revolve around the air, the establishment of a strong brand of Fez-Meknes and the back- countries to international markets and a more targeted approach to the national market ”.

The president of the Fès-Meknes CRT, Aziz Lebbar underlined that “the region relies on the ONMT to support it in order to put in place the necessary actions in terms of air transport and positioning on the national and international scene, to that, finally, professionals in the region can resume their activities and recover lost market shares ”.

Currently, the office is working on setting up and rescheduling flights to Fez.

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