the musicians demand the support of the State

Shows and festive events are still banned in Morocco and actors in this sector pay a heavy price, reports The360. They have been unemployed for more than 8 months and without any help from the government. For Karim Tadlaoui, artist, singer and musician, this stoppage of activities due to the coronavirus health crisis has “caused a lot of harm and problems” to the point of leading some colleagues to consider a change of profession. The artist therefore invited the competent authorities to reflect in order to find a lasting solution to support the players in this sector. “In mentalities, we cannot compare an artist, a musician to a doctor, a lawyer or an architect, he is always devalued, that does not exist in any country”, he insisted.

According to Karim Tadlaoui, Shehrazade, violinist, music teacher, artists and musicians in particular suffer from a lack of recognition. 9 months ago, this young woman took part in several festive events and gave music lessons in schools. She supports her family through these activities. The Covid-19 decided otherwise. To believe her, music schools are no longer hiring and she now finds herself without money. “In Morocco, the artist has no value, he is always devalued, while we create joy,” she said sorry.

Amine, conductor and artistic director of one of the biggest shows on the Casablanca corniche ensures that nearly 3,000 artists and musicians employed by Aïn Diab nightclubs are now unemployed. “Our only livelihood is our job, the entertainment in restaurants in nightclubs, parties … Our sector is at a complete standstill. Those who had saved a little money are in the process of “use, and those who had no savings have really suffered. We all go through a very difficult financial situation (…), he said.

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This precarious situation has enabled some of them to understand the need to unite their efforts a little late. “What needs to change is that we need to federate. We need to find a solution so that the existing unions can come together as one, to get out of the informal. Anarchy, the lack of structures and the informal played against us “, regrets the artist and musician Bouchaib Lhrizzi.

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