The weather for this Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Below is the weather forecast for Wednesday, December 2, 2020, as established by the General Directorate of Meteorology (DGM)

– Appearance of mist or fog in the morning and at night near the coasts.

-Passingly cloudy sky in the south and a little cloudy to clear elsewhere.

– Weak to moderate north to west wind.

– Fairly cold weather on the reliefs and the Eastern Highlands with local jelly, at night and in the morning.

– Minimum temperatures of around -02 / 03 ° C on the reliefs of the Atlas, 02/07 ° C on the Oriental, the south-eastern slopes and the Rif, 07/12 ° C on the Saiss, the phosphate and Oulmès plateaus, the Mediterranean shore, the northern and central plains and 11/17 ° C in the Souss and the southern provinces.

– Maximum temperatures of around 08/14 ° C on the Atlas, 15/20 ° C on the Oriental, the Rif and the south-eastern slopes, 20/26 ° C on the northern and central plains, the Mediterranean, the Souss, the South-East and the southern provinces.

– Beautiful sea, slightly agitated on the Mediterranean, little agitated on the Strait and little to rough on the Atlantic coasts, becoming little agitated at night between Tangier and Dakhla.

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