the Head of Government urges national preference

Very weakly, or even almost not applied in public procurement, the notion of national preference is today one of the alternatives to balance the balance and raise the economic fabric, severely affected by the health crisis, indicates EcoActu. Also, the Head of Government, via a new circular, dated November 25 (which replaces that of September 10, which has no effect), instructs the departments to apply national preference and to encourage Moroccan products within the framework of public procurement, for the benefit of Moroccan companies, cooperatives, groups of cooperatives, local authorities and self-employed people.

This time, the same source observes, the measures and mechanisms for effective “local consumption” are clearly defined. Project leaders are required to give priority to mainly traditional and manufactured Moroccan products and materials. They have the obligation to introduce the explicit mention of the application of Moroccan standards or other standards applicable in Morocco, by virtue of international agreements in the clauses, specifications and specifications of contracts awarded by the State or its branches, details the site. Establishments and companies not subject to decree 2-12-349, are called upon to speed up the introduction of national preference in their special tendering regimes.

The Head of Government’s circular specifies that both project promoters in the context of public contracts as well as the administration, local authorities as well as public establishments and enterprises, will be obliged to present administrative certificates with supporting documents in the event the application of international standards contrary to the aforementioned characteristics. Same thing in case of recourse to product imports, concludes the media.

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