The exploratory mission on the management of Covid health transactions and agreements puts pressure

The House of Representatives, through an exploratory mission, controls the transactions of several billion cts concluded by the Ministry of Health during its management of the repercussions of the coronavirus during the health crisis. The agreements concluded by the department of Khalid Aït Taleb have been the subject of great political controversy in Morocco, prompting the Minister of Health to try to clarify the substance of the matter on more than one occasion, without however disclose invoice details.

The members of the exploratory mission, headed by the 2th Vice-President of the House of Representatives, the PAM deputy of Salé médina and municipal councilor of the city of Salé, and also finance consultant and businessman, Rachid El Abdi, put on the table the agreements concluded by the Ministry of health in the context of the health crisis of the Covid1-9 pandemic to structure their control mission.

The mission is putting its final touches on the ground before meticulously checking the agreements concluded by the Ministry of Health since last March. Meanwhile, sources have mentioned that the truth commission was forced to embark on an exploratory mission, under pressure from parties interested in the subject of the agreements to avoid prosecution.

Rachid El Abdi, chairman of the PAM parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, said in an interview with Hespress that the failure to form a committee of inquiry into the coronavirus agreements is linked to a unique digital problem , indicating that the conditions for activating the investigation committee are different from the conditions for forming an exploratory mission.

The team leader explained that “ the formation of a committee of inquiry requires more deputies than the “PAM” has. Even in the framework of the coordination with the opposition, we could not gather a quorum to form it “. In his statement, our interlocutor stressed that at the end of the fact-finding mission and the presentation of the report in plenary session, the case should take its course. ” Because it is linked to a conclusion report from a regulatory institution completed by an auditing institution, and there is no objection to the Supreme Audit Board or the role of the Attorney General to be able to monitor deficiencies or imbalances requiring their intervention “.

The chairman of the “tractor” party group in the House of Representatives had previously stated that “ the transactions that took place were linked to public actions and a huge budget, estimated at 4 billion dirhams, of which two billion were given by the economic watch committee from the Special Fund for the management of the Covid-19 pandemic for the Ministry of Health at the start of the crisis “.

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El Abdi stressed that other public transactions estimated at two billion cts, had been programmed under ordinary laws, before the Ministry made them exceptional under the state of emergency, stressing that his parliamentary team would require compliance with minimum ethical rules, reasonableness and transparency within the Ministry of Health. In this regard, the elected representative mentioned the acquisition of “tests for the detection of the Covid-19 virus” and the missing transactions in this area, of around 40 billion centimes for a company, as well as the investigation of the various equipment transactions of public hospitals that took place during the period of the health emergency.

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