Tangier: Authorities destroy 14 tons of drugs worth 10 million DH

More than 14 tons of drugs seized, during several security interventions carried out by the public forces during the year 2020, were destroyed on Wednesday in the vicinity of Tangier.

The regional customs department, within the framework of the missions conferred on it and under the supervision of the competent general prosecutor’s office, proceeded to the incineration and destruction of this quantity of drugs and psychotropic drugs seized during several operations carried out during the year 2020, said the authorizing officer of customs and indirect taxes in Tangier, Abdelghani Seghiri, noting that this operation took place in the presence of a specialized commission made up of local and public authorities.

The quantity of drugs destroyed during this operation, carried out in an empty space in the south of Tangier, exceeds 14 tons of different drugs and the value of these drugs exceeds a billion centimes.

These drugs were seized during operations carried out by the elements of the customs, the Royal Gendarmerie and the National Security as part of the fight against international drug trafficking through transnational organized crime networks, a-t- he adds.

They include more than 13,698 tons of chira and cannabis resin, 150 kilograms of kif in stalks, 16 kg of powdered tobacco, 1.2 kg of cocaine, 105 grams of heroin, more than 78,000 psychotropic tablets and 60 kg of hookah tobacco (maâssel), in addition to 439 boxes of tobacco and 2,407 tubes of dissolving glue.

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