imams wind up against the “labeling” project

The Rhône Mosque Council (CMR) “has serious reservations as to its effectiveness, its sustainability, its dependence on foreign countries and the grassroots’ support for this project”, indicates a press release published on behalf of of the RMC by the rector of the Great Mosque of Lyon Kamel Kabtane. For the person in charge, the CNI will only “reinforce the disinterest that Muslims in France have cultivated since 2003 with regard to” the CFCM. Since it is the presidents of the nine Muslim federations that make up the CFCM (who are not imams) as well as one imam per federation, chosen by its president, who will lead the future council.

“How is it that we impose from above a National Council of Imams?” Imams are adults and vaccinated, and are able to organize themselves ”, reacted in the columns of the newspaper The world Imam Tareq Oubrou, rector of the Bordeaux mosque. Mohamed Bajrafil, on Friday, November 20, decided to stop being an imam. For him, the announcement of this CNI was “the last straw”. “The CFCM offers to ‘label’ me as an imam, even though I am an academic and have been serving for 21 years without ever having been employed by a mosque! », He was indignant, with The cross.

“By what right a professor of mathematics, a lawyer or a bus driver (some of the professions of the presidents of federations of the CFCM, Ed.) Come to give us lessons? Imams are professionals who need to be trained, supported and paid, not children who can be slapped on the fingers in a populist approach! “, Fumes with anger Abdelali Mamoun, independent imam practicing in the Val-de-Marne.

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In the eyes of the imams who oppose the future CNI, French President Emmanuel Macron is mistaken about his method of eradicating “consular Islam”. “The CFCM should rather be called CECM, Foreign Council of Muslim Worship”, quipped Mr. Mamoun. The latter recalls that the CFCM federations maintain close ties with Algeria, Morocco and Turkey. “The organization of worship was already subject to consular interference, and it will now be the turn of theological questions! With the CNI, the French state ratifies the total interference of foreign countries on the Islam of France, ”he fears.

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