an unusual commentary on Muslim students

This teacher with more than 20 years of professional experience sent an open letter to her fellow teachers on the subject, reports Free Midi. In this correspondence, she supports her argument.

“Our relationship with our students and their families so that Samuel Paty did not die for nothing? I’ve been thinking about it for days and a lot of memories of details, situations come to mind. Faced with the rise of Islamist ideology, we too often – and I include myself in this ‘we’ – proof of a lack of lucidity, even of an attitude of guilty denial, ”she explains. .

She evokes recent facts: the days of school trips when in a class of thirty children, twenty minced steaks at lunch are thrown in the trash because the meat is not halal. Another fact: one day, a mother came to register her child and allegedly refused to shake hands with the director because he was a man.

“Islam is such a strong reading grid that humanism, the Republic and its laws have no weight in daily practices,” she points out. I don’t want to condemn anyone, but I tell myself that benevolence is not the acceptance of everything. The fear of passing for fascists pushes us to smooth things over ”.

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