A Casablanca notary on the run

Casablanca notary on the run”>

A notary practicing in Casablanca is at the heart of a financial scandal. Currently on the run, she is accused of embezzling several million dirhams.

FSK, a notary having capitalized on more than 20 years of professional experience, remains untraceable and unreachable on the phone after the outbreak of a case of embezzlement and fraud in which it is heavily involved, reports Assabah. She would have stolen 20 million dirhams. Among the victims, a minister and the president of a constitutional institution who entrusted the management of operations worth 100 million dirhams to the accused.

By order of the king’s prosecutor at the Casablanca Court of Appeal, legal proceedings were initiated against the notary. It is up to the first president of the Casablanca Court of Appeal and the king’s prosecutor to initiate the procedure allowing access to the respondent’s office, which is currently closed. This opening of the cabinet will be in the presence of the president of the Regional Council of Notaries. This will allow investigators to continue investigating and identify other victims.

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