Hamzamonbb case: Postponement of the hearing at the request of the accused

The hearing for the resounding “Hamzamonbb” case has been postponed to December 14, according to a decision by the Marrakech Court of Appeal.

The appeal hearing took place while the three defendants in the case were present and it was at the request of their defense that the hearing was postponed.

As a reminder, the court of first instance sentenced in February the blogger (SJ), the owner of a car rental agency, and the journalist (MD) to 2 years in prison and a fine of 10,000 dirhams each. .

The investigations were unanimous and proved their involvement in the management of the Hamza mon bb Instagram account which was used to “defame” and carry out “acts of blackmail” against several Moroccan artists and celebrities.

Faced with the evidence provided by the investigations, the defense of the accused asked for a new deadline to prepare their case.

Each of the accused is being prosecuted for “participation in fraudulent access to the computer system of data”, “deliberate participation in obstructing the operation of this system”, “dissemination of images and statements of others without consent”, “dissemination of unfounded acts with the aim of harming the private life of individuals and defamation ”, as well as for“ participation and blackmail ”.

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