Casablanca fine-tunes preparations for a successful vaccination

It is the commotion of the fight in the Casablanca metropolis, where the agents of the prefectural districts on the instructions of the governor of the region of Casablanca-Settat, were called upon to mobilize and use their territorial influence, in order to s ” engage fully in the vaccination operation set up by the Kingdom.

The vaccination process will begin in the coming weeks in order to stem the spread of the Covid19 virus. According to the data available to Hespress, the 16 districts of the economic capital have been ordered to engage in the vaccination process, and to exploit their capacities in material and human resources to make this campaign the largest of its kind, a success. The data further indicates that agents in the districts of Casablanca have been instructed to prepare the centers that will know the vaccination process, and to begin sterilizing them before they are operated.

Without forgetting the preparation of a special list of employees who will be involved throughout the days of the operation with health executives. The provinces were also required to provide the necessary equipment and supplies for the operation and to provide the necessary support to the health workers responsible for overseeing the immunization process, given the inability of the Regional Directorate to cope with it. -even to the situation.

Some provinces of Casablanca, such as Sidi Moumen, have started the process of sterilization of centers that have been proposed as incubation spaces for the vaccination process, to which citizens will flock to get an injection against Covid-19. The governor of the Casablanca-Settat region also demanded from the hierarchy of personnel under his territorial influence to create and sterilize a group of centers able to receive citizens during the days of the national vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. Local authorities, in Casablanca and in various regions at the national level, have started the process of preparing the national vaccination campaign against the Covid19 virus, launched by King Mohammed VI.

The territorial administration of the different provinces has started collecting statistics on citizens by drawing up regulations for inhabitants and classifying them by groups and ages, in order to be vaccinated, in coordination with the health authorities. The age criterion will allow them to know the age groups within their territorial influence, which will facilitate the process of counting citizens over 45 years old, who should benefit from the vaccination after the end of the phase of vaccination of people on the front line.

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