Literature: Scottish writer Douglas Stuart winner of the “Booker Prize”

The prestigious British literary prize “Booker prize”, which rewards the “best novel written in English”, was won by the Scottish writer, Douglas Stuart, for his novel “Shuggie Bain”, whose theater is none other than the city ​​of his childhood, Glasgow.

“Shuggie Bain” tells the story of a lonely boy, Shuggie, in search of an identity, who has unconditional love for his alcoholic mother, Agnes, and remains faithful to him on his descent into hell. The story takes place in the Glasgow of the 1980s under Thatcherism, marked by poverty, economic crisis, marginalization of the working classes and religious communalism.

Speaking by videoconference at the ceremony held in London, Douglas Stuart says: “I grew up in Glasgow in the 1980s, at an incredibly difficult time. Writing this book acted like therapy ”.

My mother would be delighted (…) and I think she would be proud ”, added the winner, who wins an award of 50,000 pounds sterling and the assurance of international fame.

Aged 44, the author lives in New York where he works in fashion. He paid tribute to his mother who “Suffered from addictions and did not survive”.

Four first-time novelists also appeared in the final of this competition, notably the Americans Diane Cook, Avni Doshi and Brandon Taylor, and the Scottish Douglas Stuart. Their works explore themes ranging from climate change and racism to family ties.

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