El Guerguarat: Morocco’s intervention is “wise” and “rational” to restore the normal situation (Nakib)

El Guerguarat: Morocco’s intervention is “wise” and “rational” to restore the normal situation (Nakib)

Tangier – Morocco’s intervention to guarantee free movement at the El Guerguarat post was “wise” and “rational”, with a view to restoring the normal situation in this passage, underlined the Nakib of the Alamiyan shorfas, Abdelhadi Baraka.

Mr. Baraka noted, in a statement on behalf of all the alamiyin shorfas, followers of the tariqa Machichia Chadilia and descendants of Moulay Abdessalam Ben Mchich in the southern provinces of Rkibat, El Arousiyine, Maâ Al Aynayn and ‘Al Dlimi, whom HM King Mohammed VI had given his high instructions to act firmly against all provocations that harm the Nation, noting that the situation at the passage of El Guerguerat had known “illegal violations to which the Kingdom of Morocco faced it with wisdom and reason “.

He noted that “these provocations and odious acts in the region constitute a flagrant violation by the front + polisario + of the Charter of the United Nations, with the blessing of the Algerian regime wishing to cover its internal economic and social crisis”, considering that these provocations “jeopardize the security of the region”.

“The intervention of Morocco has been widely welcomed by many countries of the world, after the Kingdom put a definitive end to the unacceptable actions of the Polisario militias, supported by Algeria”, continued the Nakib of the alamiyine chorfas, noting that this action took place after Morocco had shown great restraint and is part of the legitimacy recognized in the Kingdom to guarantee free movement in the region.

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Last modification: November 21, 2020

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