Coronavirus in the world: more than 58 million infections and 1.3 million deaths

Since the appearance of the coronavirus in China in 2019, and the spread of the pandemic around the world, there have been more than 58 million positive cases (58,002,060 (or +631,785 in the last 24 hours) and some 1,386,116 of death (+10.504).

For the past 24 hours, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported an absolute record of new cases of contamination, with nearly 661,000 new cases.

The virus is not at the same stage everywhere. While India is still at the heart of its first wave, Europe has already started a second wave of contaminations while the United States and Japan are already facing a third wave.

In Morocco, the latest figures communicated by the Ministry of Health indicate that the country now has 316,260 confirmed cases, 5,182 deaths, with a record level recorded on Friday, that is 92, 262,212 healings, 3,437,464 cases excluded after negative laboratory tests (+ 15,484), and 48,866 cases under treatment, including 1,047 in serious condition (102 under intubation).

In the United States, the most affected country, there are now 12,274,677 cases, and 260,283 deaths, but despite the new record of cases in 24 hours (208,953), the new president Joe Biden announces that he will not impose ” national containment ”.

In France, the latest report provided by the health authorities concerning the COVID-19 pandemic shows at least 2,109,170 confirmed cases (+22,882 including 21,003 cases confirmed by RT-PCR in 24 hours and 1,879 cases confirmed by antigen test) and a total of 48,265 deaths.

In India, there are, this Saturday, November 21, 9,052,482 confirmed cases (+46,288 in 24 hours) and 132,785 deaths, including 562 in 24 hours. A fast, reliable and inexpensive test to detect the coronavirus with a test strip will soon be available in India where scientists have developed it to help counter the pandemic.

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Spain, for its part, has 1,556,730 confirmed cases, and 42,619 deaths. Madrid, which requires a PCR test for travelers arriving from France, has said it is ready to launch a mass vaccination campaign.

In Turkey, entered this Friday in partial confinement, recorded 435,273 cases of contamination and 12,084 deaths, or respectively +5.103 and + 141 in the last 24 hours.

With regard to Australia, containment was lifted in Melbourne, three months after being imposed there to stem the second epidemic wave. The country currently has 27,789 cases including 5 in the last 24 hours and 907 deaths in total including no deaths in the last 24 hours. The country is cited as an example in pandemic management.

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