The Mobile Film Festival supports the empowerment of women

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, celebrated on Wednesday 25 November, the Mobile Film Festival shines a spotlight on the empowerment of women.

For this 16th edition of the Mobile Film Festival, the organizers have chosen the empowerment of women as a theme. 1,130 films from 101 countries, 57% of which are filmmakers, this is the record for participation, countries and especially women for this year.

60 films from 25 countries make up the official selection. Films from all over the world tackle with creativity, humor and emotion the major feminist issues, including that of violence against women.

In addition, 19 films that deal more directly with the issue of violence. These films are strong, beautiful, engaged, militant but above all, they have in common to highlight the empowerment of women.

Thanks to this theme, the Mobile Film Festival wishes to broadly address feminist issues in a positive, constructive and militant manner.

The questions addressed in these films could be specific to the country, the culture, the religion of the directors.

They may concern the family, professional or intimate universe, and will denounce unacceptable situations that are still too present and will also propose concrete actions that improve the situation.

They can be global or local and above all they will highlight the struggles of the feminist movement all over the world for a search for real equality.

As a reminder, the last edition of the Festival, supported in particular by UN Climate, received more than 800 films from 91 countries around the world on the theme “Act now for climate”.

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