Two Moroccan films in the running at the Cairo International Film Festival

The Moroccan films “The Autumn of Apple Trees” by Mohamed Mouftakir and “The Melody of Morphine” by Hicham Amal are in the running in the “Horizons of Arab Cinema” competition, scheduled for the 42nd session of the Festival. Cairo International Film Festival.

The film “The apple tree autumn” tells the story of a ten year old child, who never knew his mother, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances immediately after his birth, and faces the denial of his father towards him, his lack of recognition and the suspicion of his lineage.

As for “The Melody of Morphine”, the film’s script revolves around the story of the famous musician and violinist “Said Al Tayer” (Hicham Bahloul), who lost his memory following a tragic accident in circulation, before quickly regaining memory thanks to his musical creations.

The names of several drugs, over forty, are repeated throughout the film, a reference to the multiple sufferings and illnesses this artist suffered after several unsuccessful suicide attempts, as well as the incurable illness suffered by the father (Hassan Badida).

The president of the festival, Mohamed Hifzy, declared that 83 productions between feature and short films participate in this edition which will award the “Lifetime Achievement” prize to the great writer Wahid Hamed, “in recognition of his dedication to cinema and his immortal works” , while the “Faten Hamama” prize will be awarded to artist Mouna Zaki.

The International Competition of the Cairo Festival (16 films), scheduled from December 2 to 10, is marked by the screening of three films in world premieres, namely the Chinese film “Moyerdoga”, directed by Sau Jinling, the Bulgarian “German Language Lessons ”by Pavel G. Vesnakov and the Egyptian“ curfew ”by Amir Ramses.

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The opening of the festival will see the screening of the British film “The Father” directed by Florian Zeller, co-starring Antony Hopkins and Olivia Colman.

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