Independence Day: Google celebrates Morocco

Independence Day: Google celebrates Morocco

Rabat – True to its custom, Google is wearing the colors of Morocco and celebrating with the Moroccan people, on November 18, the 65th anniversary of the independence of Morocco.

On its home page, the American giant pays homage to the Kingdom with a “doodle” representing the Moroccan flag floating above a green rectangle bearing the name of the search engine.

A design that resembles that of last year but this time showing the flag on a green background and not a blue one. “Red represents Moroccan values ​​such as courage and strength, while green symbolizes ideals like peace and love,” Google describes.

This indelible and flagship date in the construction of modern Morocco commemorates the illustrious speech of the Father of the Nation, the late His Majesty Mohammed V, announcing the end of the protectorate and the liberation of the Fatherland.

“We are delighted to be able to announce the end of the guardianship and protectorate regime and the advent of freedom and independence”, declared the late Sovereign on November 18, 1955 on his return from exile, in the company of the family. royal. “We have gone from the battle of the small Jihad to that of the great Jihad”, continued Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Youssef.

Every year, Google celebrates the independence of Morocco. The search engine has also often celebrated other national holidays and paid tribute to several Moroccan personalities.

Last modification: November 18, 2020

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