Four individuals arrested in Rabat for theft of cars, forgery and use of forgery

Four individuals, with a criminal record, were arrested Thursday by elements of the prefectural service of the judicial police in Rabat, on suspicion of belonging to a criminal gang specializing in the theft of cars, forgery and use of forgery.

Preliminary data reveals that two of these defendants stole cars of a specific category using fake keys, changed their exterior appearance and forged the serial numbers of their chassis, before selling them through the rest of the suspects, using falsified administrative documents, in various second-hand car sales markets in Salé, said a press release from the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN).

Searches of the interior of a rented car and premises operated by the suspects resulted in the seizure of a car declared to be theft, keys, accessories and mechanical equipment, as well as documents from registration and technical expertise of cars of the same category targeted by the criminal gang, underlines the DGSN.

And to specify that the defendants, aged 35 to 47, were placed in police custody as part of the preliminary investigation conducted by the competent prosecution, to determine the possible extensions of this band and identify the rest of the people involved in this criminal activity.

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