a charlatan wanted for rape of a sexagenarian

Tetouan: a charlatan wanted for rape of a sexagenarian”>

The royal gendarmerie has launched a nationwide search notice against a charlatan, for breach of trust and the rape of a visually impaired woman aged 59 in Tetouan.

The charlatan is also a sixty-year-old who claimed to cure certain serious illnesses only with the “baraka” that his ancestors would have bequeathed to him. But it was only window dressing. He uses it to swindle and abuse those who come to him in search of healing. The visually impaired 60-year-old whom he raped lived alone in a mountainous area of ​​the commune of Bni Saîd, the daily reports Al Akhbar.

Before committing his crime, he first offered the woman some clothes and fruit, before grabbing and raping her without any compassion for her condition. According to the daily, the violence of the act caused serious trauma to the victim. The relatives of the woman alerted the authorities who after finding, launched a search notice. The charlatan is nowhere to be found and could be hiding in the neighboring douars.

Daily Al Akhbar specifies that the respondent is not at his first attempt. He has raped many women and the list of people he has swindled seems long.

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