shock and indignation after the assault of a Moroccan by the police (video)

Last Saturday, around 3 p.m., several people gathered in the gardens of via Bevilacqua, in Brescia, at the initiative of the Association of Rights for All and the Social Center Magazino, to protest against the abusive behavior of a police officer towards a Moroccan national.

On Thursday, October 15, Younes, a quality control officer, and his Italian wife went to a restaurant after picking up their two children from school. Two local police officers approach the small family and, threateningly, carry out a paper check. The agent would have pressed his face against the wall, under the approving gaze of his superior, reports the local press.

Younes protests and demands not to be checked in front of his children. In the police car, the Moroccan was attacked by the agent, before being thrown to the ground, as evidenced by the video filmed by his wife. At the police station, Younes, who still did not know the reason for his arrest, said he was the victim of beatings and ill-treatment.

“After keeping me for over two hours, he told me that they didn’t have the right person and that after ten minutes I would go home. But he also added that since my wife broadcast the video, they had to denounce me. I don’t know if it is violence or resistance to an official, “he told local media.

Based on the video taken by his wife, the victim lodged a complaint with the carabinieri, for abuse of power, mistreatment and violence. The man was greeted by the Moroccan Consul in Milan, who expressed his compassion and full support.

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