Two young Sahrawi gold miners burned alive by the Algerian army in the Tindouf camps

The sequestered in the Tindouf camps cannot get over it and are traumatized by the fact that two of their young people in the prime of their lives were burned alive by elements of the Algerian army on the evening of Monday, October 19. The story is related to what Algeria intends to do with the Tindouf camps, namely to move the sequestered elsewhere to exploit the subsoil of this region.

This crime against humanity committed this Monday around the Dakhla camp in its south and where the Sahrawi populations of the camps are under the direct control of the Algerian army, to which the Polisario men are only simple auxiliaries. Two young illegal miners, we would say, were surprised outside their camp by an Algerian army patrol.

Panicked and pursued by the soldiers, they suffered gunfire before fleeing to the mines where they were working in search of small gold nuggets, thinking they had found a hiding place to take refuge there. They got it wrong, for the soldiers caught up with them, sprayed them with gasoline and burned them alive. The families of the victims are calling today for an international investigation into this act of horrific cruelty.

This Tuesday in the Tindouf camps, where the “Polisario” held other Sahrawis, after elements of the Algerian army killed two Sahrawis in search of gold it was astonishment. The Foratin Forum (Forum de support aux autonomistes de Tindouf) in the heart of the Tindouf camps declared that the two victims could have been arrested and survived if it were not for the insistence of members of the Algerian army to absolutely want to kill them . The two victims are named Emha Ould Hamdi Ould Souilem, who is from the Regabat tribe, and Ali Al Idrissi who belongs to the Barabcha tribe.

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The aforementioned forum indicated that the Algerian army used to drive out the Sahrawis detained in the Tindouf camps while they were looking for gold. Being a gold miner in the camps means exposing yourself to various types of violence including torture and prisons, noting that dozens of Sahrawi gold diggers are in Algerian prisons. After the Algerian army killed young Sahrawis, demonstrations broke out in the Tindouf camps. This new crime by the Algerian army has rekindled tensions inside the camps, which already regularly rose up against the violations suffered by Sahrawis detained there.

The Forum said that the Algerian army, which surrounds the camps five kilometers from each other, imposes a permanent residence order on the kidnapped by preventing them from exercising their most basic rights, which is the right to move. The same source added that the Sahrawis detained in the Tindouf camps who plan to seek their livelihood by venturing out of the camps find themselves between the anvil of being caught in the grip of the “Polisario” militia and the hammer of the pursuit by the Algerian army. At a time when the Tindouf camps are overflowing with violence and arbitrariness, the “Polisario” is trying to distract attention by initiating maneuvers aimed at provoking Moroccan soldiers in the region of Mheriz near the passage of cars from the mission of United Nations peacekeeping in the Sahara “Minurso”.

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