Coronavirus: Casablanca is preparing to experience 2 additional weeks of restrictions

The epidemiological situation is not getting better in the economic capital of Morocco. For the day of Sunday, October 18, the city alone recorded 918 new contaminations and 12 deaths, out of the 50 recorded in the Kingdom.

In fact, the restrictive measures decided by the authorities on September 7, have never been lifted and should even, according to well-informed sources, be renewed for 14 additional days from Monday, October 19.

The only change during the last extension was the reopening of face-to-face schools (October 5)

The same measures will therefore remain applied, namely:

– Closure of all entrances / exits of the prefecture of Casablanca. Travel to and from the metropolis is subject to a special authorization issued by the local authorities.

– Curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., except for security and public health personnel, as well as employees of vital and sensitive sectors, and freight carriers. They are allowed to move, provided they present supporting documents.

– Close of local markets every day at 3 p.m., cafes and shops at 8 p.m. and restaurants at 9 p.m.

As a reminder, the Casablanca-Settat region alone has recorded nearly half of the cases identified nationally. Grand Casablanca has thus posted, for the last 24 hours, a record figure, ie 1,221 new cases, including 918 in the metropolis.

The other towns in the region recorded the remaining 303 cases, with 102 in Mohammadia, 63 in El Jadida, 53 in Settat, 45 in Berrechid, 26 in Nouaceur, 5 in Benslimane and 5 in Sidi Bennour and 24 in Médiouna.

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