despite good health, the “Red meat” sector is asking for a boost

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mohammed Sadiki, presented the state of play with regard to the envied position of livestock in agricultural production. The annual turnover is estimated at 35.5 billion DH for a total herd of more than 31 million heads. Sheep make up two-thirds of the total followed by goats, 6.1 million, cattle, 3.3 million and camels, 183,000 heads, says the Economist.

These advances are the result of efforts to improve sheep and goat breeds. All these good clues come from the results of the contract program between the supervisory authority and the inter-professional federation of red meat. Thus, it is estimated at a thousand, the number of breeders and breeders. A rate that is justified by the subsidies that the State grants to the sector. Since January 2019, the aid has greatly increased, rising to 4,000 DH / head for breeding cattle and between 700 and 800 DH / head for sheep, 450 and 500 DH / head for goats and camels to 5,000 DH / head.

In the wake of the consolidation of the achievements of the Green Morocco plan, the future of the sector is more or less guaranteed, in particular with the implementation of the new agricultural strategy “Green Generation 2020-2030”. The president of Anoc, Abderrahmane Majdoubi welcomed “the level of partnership that links the profession to the Ministry of Agriculture as well as the support provided to the sheep and goat industry, especially in this period of health crisis”.

With the improvement of the structures supervised by the association over the past 10 years, the number of groups has increased from 58 in 2008 to 166 in 2019. Membership has increased from 4,714 in 2008 to 14,620 breeders in 2019. A project The creation of a training center for livestock professions will be launched shortly to facilitate integration into the new strategy. This is a project financed by the “Charafa” fund of the MCA-Morocco agency and the Millennium Challenge Corporation of the United States of America and which will be managed by the profession and the Ministry of Agriculture, made know The Economist.

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