Alstom takes over the market for Casablanca tram trains

Casablanca tram trains”>

Casa-transport will again award the contract for the equipment of lines 3 and 4 to Alstom. The French group had already been chosen to supply lines 1 and 2.

At a total cost of DH 2 billion including tax, this market involves the supply of 88 trainsets (66 from the Citadis X05 + 22 range as an option) for the 2 lines under construction.

According to The Economist, the delivery of the two trainsets should take place between 2022 and 2023 and they will be operational at the end of 2023. Regarding the electrical cabinets and the wiring of the future trains, they will be equipped by the Cabliance factory in Fez, which has just extended its capacity. . As for the Alstom Maroc team, it will have to provide after-sales service.

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