The Merit Award goes to researcher Lhoussaine Ait Bahcine

Emblematic figure of the Amazigh movement, researcher Lhoussaine Ait Bahcine was awarded the Merit Award for Amazigh Culture of the Year 2019.

This prize rewards the efforts of Lhoussaine Ait Bahcine for the promotion of the Amazigh language and culture in the Kingdom.

The researcher was crowned during the award ceremony for the 2019 Amazigh Culture of the Year Prize, organized Friday evening in Rabat by the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) under the High patronage of HM King Mohammed VI .

Ait Bahcine underlined that this consecration is a “Recognition of the efforts made by IRCAM” for the preservation of the Amazigh cultural heritage, highlighting the added value of new works in the enrichment of the Amazigh cultural scene.

This ceremony was marked by the awards ceremony for the different categories. The national media and communication award went to Al Mustapha Sguenfle, journalist in the Amazigh service at the Moroccan Press Agency (MAP) in the written press category for his article “From” Ousmane ”to“ Tchaikovsky ” “, The fabulous destiny of Belaïd El Akkaf”, to Nourredine Najmi, in the radio broadcasts category (Radio Amazigh) and to Salima El Yaacoubi, audiovisual category (Tamazight 8 channel).

In addition, the national prize for Amazigh literary creation was awarded to Saleh Ait Saleh in the category of poetry and to Lahbib El Knassi in the category of storytelling, while the children’s literature category saw the consecration of Mohamed. El Massoudi.

Regarding the prize for the theater category, it was awarded to Ahmed Zahid, while Ibrahim El Asri was crowned in the translation category for his translation from French to the Amazigh of Molière’s work “lLe Médecin Despite him “.

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The National Prize for Education and Teaching was awarded to Ayad Alhyani (category of professor-researchers), Al Hassan Ait Abbou (category of inspectors), Mohamed Lamaain (category of primary school teachers) and Lahcen Borji ( trainer category).

As for the Research and Computer Programs Prize, it was awarded to Ilias Belalia for the development of a mobile application presenting a multimedia dictionary dedicated to learning the Amazigh language.

The National Modern Song Prize went to the Azza-Khalid Abbou group for their song “Tifiras”, while the National Traditional Song Prize was won by Houssein Taoussi for his album “Al Awa Akayounk A Amazigh” (Lève la head, oh Amazigh).

The association “Arif for culture and heritage” of the city of Al Hoceima won the National Theater Prize, while the “Ahwach Aglagal of popular arts” association of the commune of Assaki in the city of Taroudant won the National Theater Prize. wins the National Prize for Collective Choreography.

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