The Hassan II Foundation launches an online learning platform of the Arabic language for MRE

The Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Living Abroad launched on Thursday, October 15, 2020 the English and Spanish versions of, the online learning platform of the Arabic language intended for children of the community Moroccan woman living abroad. expands its fields. Launched in December 2013, initially to allow French-speaking learners to acquire basic elements of the Arabic language so that they can communicate in this language, both written and spoken.

The language of instruction chosen was French and the language taught Arabic. The teaching languages ​​have been gradually diversified, in particular by the introduction of the Italian language and the launch of the English and Spanish versions. Education in other languages ​​will be introduced later.

The e-madrassa program has two levels, the first gives rise to learning the letters of the alphabet in 33 lessons, 7 assessments in addition to passing assessments between modules and levels.

For its part, the second level is presented in five parts: Learn, Exercises on learning, Tales, Exercises on tales and I tell with a letter. This level focuses on thematic learning through dialogues, videos and cartoons. In this way and through playful processes, the child is led to acquire a vocabulary related to themes such as family, nationality, friendship, travel …

E-madrassa is defined as a complementary program to face-to-face education which facilitates the work of teachers, reinforces students’ achievements and offers them support. Currently, 69,500 registered students are learning.

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