“Our party is not seasonal”

Khalid El Bouqarii, regional secretary of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) in the Fez-Meknes region, stressed that his party is not a seasonal party that only works on occasions, but it is a party who is present day and night.

Contrary to what some argue, the PJD does not live only for the elections. It is an active party that works continuously, which does not delight some lobbies, supported the leader of the PJD, who spoke during a study day on electoral laws held this Saturday.

Deploring the fierce smear campaign orchestrated by certain parties which aim to reduce its action, he assured that the PJD will continue to resist all these attempts to pass off all political parties as “a bunch of businessmen”. And to conclude, the PJD will not stay in the government forever, “we are not attached to functions”.


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