Morocco, a model in the field of electrification and drinking water supply

Morocco represents a successful model at the global and African levels in the field of electrification and the supply of drinking water, underlined Saturday in Marrakech the Minister of Energy, Mines and the Environment, Aziz Rebbah.

“The Kingdom has currently reached an electrification rate of over 99.5% and a drinking water supply rate of between 96 and 97%”, he said during the meeting marking the end of deployment at the level of all regional entities of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) of a new meter management system prepaid.

In this sense, Rebbah noted that the increase in electrification and drinking water supply indicators was accompanied by an improvement in the services provided to customers in the rural world.

Regarding the new prepayment meter management system, the Minister noted that this system has enabled citizens to control their consumption and their bills, calling for reflection to find similar smart solutions for large users (industrial units for example).

“Thanks to this system, ONEE was able to offer its services to nearly a million clients”, he recalled, believing that this system could be generalized to serve citizens in accordance with the government’s strategy, which aims to generalize electronic services.

Rebbah called for communication in order to highlight the great achievements of ONEE and to move to another level of service to clients.

For his part, the director general of ONEE, Abderrahim El Hafidi, said that the design, development and configuration of this solution were carried out by internal skills of the Office made up of business experts, representatives end users and the Office’s Information Systems Department, in partnership with the publisher of the integrated software package.

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“It is a source of pride for the Office”, he rejoiced, congratulating at the same time his teams who are making every effort and continue to mobilize to ensure the public service mission and the continuity of the electricity supply despite a difficult context characterized by the health crisis.

Nearly 1,800 executives operating in the distribution business have benefited from an adapted training program and more than 920,000 customers have migrated to the new solution, while 570 external points of sale have been equipped to carry out top-ups near clients, in addition to 206 ONEE sales agencies.

“The success of this business project, which has become a reality, despite its last stages of deployment marked by the exceptional health context, is the result of a strong mobilization of the internal teams of ONEE, the quality of support by the ‘editor and the establishment of an appropriate strategy of deployment and change management “, he insisted on reminding.

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