A common desire to strengthen agricultural trade between Morocco and Russia

Morocco and Russia expressed their desire to strengthen their trade and agricultural exchanges, Thursday, October 15, during a videoconference of the business forum of Russian exporters of agricultural products in Morocco.

“The organization of this Business Forum responds to a common desire, clearly displayed by King Mohammed VI and Russian President Vladimir Putin, to establish a new model of economic partnership with strong involvement of the private sector, reinforced by the declaration of deeper strategic partnership between the two countries ”, indicates a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forestry.

The official opening of this forum was chaired by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forestry, Mohammed Sadiki and the Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Sergei Levin .

In his opening remarks, Sadiki recalled that this partnership has been considerably strengthened by the signing of numerous agreements and conventions in the sanitary and phytosanitary fields since 2012 and crystallized by the entry into force of the “Green corridor” which marked the beginning of a new era of trade promotion between Morocco and Russia.

Sadiki also underlined the prominent place given by the Green Morocco Plan to Morocco’s agricultural trade policy and the various measures undertaken to promote foreign trade which contributed to the doubling of the value of agricultural exports between 2008 and 2018, from 15.2 billion Dirhams in 2008 to 36.3 billion Dirhams in 2018.

“The new” Generation Green 2020-2030 “strategy aims to improve product distribution processes and double exports by 2030”, he added.

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Sadiki and Levine thus expressed the common will of their two agricultural departments to work towards greater facilitation and promotion of trade in agricultural products, with the ambition that the green corridor be an accelerator of trade between the two countries. .

Regarding economic relations between Morocco and Russia, the ministry specifies that the volume of agricultural trade reached 2.9 billion DH during the period 2015-2019, representing 19% on average of global trade between the two countries, making it known that Morocco is also positioned as Russia’s leading trade partner in Africa.

“Agricultural exports to Russia amounted to an average of 1.8 billion DH during the period 2015-2019, that is to say a share of 82% on average of the global exports from Morocco to the Russian”, according to the same source.

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