Morocco responds curtly to Human Rights Watch

The government protests against the allegations of “Human Rights Watch” (HRW). It is a statement read: “Morocco: a critical journalist prosecuted for espionage”, dated September 21, 2020 in which the international institution discredits the independence of the judicial system.

As a response from the shepherd to the shepherdess, the Moroccan authorities responded to the international human rights institution. They reminded him that the separation of powers, a sacrosanct principle, is still in force in Morocco. “The judiciary is independent by virtue of the Constitution and the implementation of guarantees of the independence of magistrates falls under the prerogatives of the Superior Council of the Judicial Power, a special constitutional institution, independent of the executive and legislative powers. “, They said in a statement posted online.

According to the government, the case defended by HRW is handed over to justice. The accused is being prosecuted for his alleged involvement in acts criminalized by the Moroccan penal code.

The same source maintains that this legal action has nothing to do with the function of the accused’s journalist, which is also governed by the Press and Publishing Code. It also adds that the quality of journalist in no way excludes legal proceedings in the event that the acts with which he is accused constitute material and moral legal elements of a crime which falls under public law.

The government therefore denounces HRW’s attempts to get involved in issues that do not fall within the framework of the defense of human rights, as was the case during its last publication which tried to sow doubt in judgments.

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