Emmanuel Macron castigates the “collective betrayal” of the authorities and parties in Lebanon

In Lebanon, Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib threw in the towel, after failing in his mission to form a government disturbed in this by the demands of Hezbollah (heavily armed) and Amal. The cabinet training effort stumbled against the two Shiite groups in Lebanon, which had demanded several portfolios including that of Finance.

Suddenly Lebanon found itself without the slightest prospect of ending the crisis. The Lebanese head of state must now conduct new binding parliamentary consultations to appoint a prime minister. A process not easy in this context. On September 1, however, the political parties pledged to French President Emmanuel Macron to form a cabinet of ministers ” competent “And” independent »Within two weeks, a condition for the granting of the international aid necessary for the recovery of the country.

Sunday evening, the French head of state has ” took note of the collective betrayal “Lebanese parties which, according to him,” bear full responsibility Of this failure, particularly criticizing Hezbollah in this regard. ” I am ashamed “ for the Lebanese leaders, launched the French president in a serious and tense tone, during a press conference called hastily at the Elysee Palace on Sunday evening. This renunciation seems to mark the failure of the initiative launched by Macron after the tragic explosion of August 4 at the port of Beirut, a new ordeal for a country in the grip of the worst economic, social and political crisis in its history. The ruling class, almost unchanged for decades, is accused of corruption, incompetence and indifference by a large part of the population.

Hezbollah “Must not believe himself stronger than he is”, criticized Sunday evening Emmanuel Macron. This party “Cannot at the same time be an army at war against Israel, a militia unleashed against civilians in Syria and a respectable party in Lebanon. It is up to him to demonstrate that he respects the Lebanese as a whole. In recent days, he has clearly shown the opposite ”. ” Willingness [d’Amal et du] Hezbollah was to make no concessions ”, denounced the French president.

Emmanuel Macron casts a horizon of “Four to six weeks” so that international donors can see if it is still possible for Lebanon to endow itself with a mission government or if it is necessary to consider a complete change of paradigm for the country of the Cedar. The United States said “Disappointed by the Lebanese political class, which did not place the people before political politics”. “Everything continues as before in Beirut”, also lamented a spokesman for American diplomacy.

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Muslim religious figures have also said the Lebanese must unite after Mustapha Adib’s decision. Lebanon’s top Christian cleric said on Sunday that the nation faces “multiple dangers” that would be difficult to overcome without a government. The head of the Maronite Church, Lebanon’s largest Christian community, said Adib’s resignation had “ disappointed citizens, especially young people, who bet on the start of change in the political class “.

Many religious communities have expressed frustration over Adib’s failure to form a government. A senior Shia Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan, said it was a ” disaster That Adib resigned and called for national unity. ” We don’t want sectarian or denominational rhetoric », Declared for his part the great Sunni religious leader of Lebanon, the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian.

The fear in Lebanon today is to see the protests degenerate and start again, given the deterioration of the political situation. The defection of Mustapha Adib as soon as it was announced, triggered several demonstrations across the country in Beirut, Saida, Tire and Tripoli, to protest against a rise in the exchange rate of the pound against the dollar, induced by the departure of the designated head of government.

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