The reasons for General Louarak’s visit to the buffer zone

Our Royal Armed Forces are on alert and are ready to take action and defend our Moroccan Sahara if circumstances require. Everything thinks to predict this eventuality with regard to the turns that seem to take events in the buffer zone of “Guerguerat”.

Moreover, the movement of the Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdelfattah Louarak as well as senior officers in the South Zone at the level of the Moroccan defense system (Security Wall), in parallel to the action carried out with the UN by the department of Nasser Bourita, falling within the framework of this preventive work and do not give rise to any doubt.

The situation could not be clearer. A horde of Polisario mercenaries from the Tindouf camps and even more with other groups from Mauritania are simultaneously preparing to swell the ranks of separatists at Guerguarat and set up tents there and impose a sit-in. We are in the process of a bis repetita of Gdim Izik in front of the Moroccan border crossing of people and goods, the only one towards the sub-Saharan depths (Mauritania, Mali, Senegal…) of the Kingdom.

These developments in the buffer zone come in the context of the next meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, particularly with the upcoming vote on the Security Council’s report on the “MINURSO” mission. This is yet another provocation and to which this time the Moroccan reaction could be very firm. The separatists expecting through this attempt to put pressure on the fifteen members of the UN decision-making body in order to appoint a new UN SG envoy for the Sahara, to replace ex-mediator Horst Köhler, who resigned on May 22, 2019.

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The researcher and military expert, Mohamed Choucair, in this regard asserts that “ the movement of the general of the army corps and inspector general of the FAR to the buffer zone is significant in more ways than one. This movement of the Polisario towards Guerguerat is part of a context governed by the approach of the meeting of the General Assembly and the intervention of the Algerian and South African presidents on the Moroccan Sahara. “. Choucair added, in his statement to Hespress, that “ the front wants to hint at the possibility of a return to armed conflict, after the international and diplomatic vacuum observed in the Sahara, where no special envoy has been appointed so far “.

And Choucair to continue ” Through the visit of the highest official of the army after King Mohammed VI, Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Staff of the FAR, we must see in addition to moral support for the Moroccan forces stationed along the security wall , a political message indicating that the military authorities control the situation and are ready to counter any movement in the Sahara “Emphasizing that” the country’s high authorities attach particular importance to the issue of our Sahara provinces “.

For his part, Khatri Charki, political science and media researcher, specialist in questions on the Sahara, considered that “ the field visit of the Inspector General of the FAR and General of the Army Corps, Abdelfatah Louarak, as well as the senior officers is part of the routine. Details of the readiness of the armed forces will be refined from time to time. “. Then adding, ” what distinguishes this visit to the region is in connection with the growing repercussions related to the buffer zone and the crossing of the border of Guerguerat, to the many recent maneuvers by Algeria and to the escalation of rhetoric from Algerian leaders to the with regard to Morocco “.

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Khatri said, “ the question is linked to the measures for implementing the national defense strategy, the signs of which are becoming clearer with the modernization of equipment, the creation of military industries and the conclusion of agreements with many countries “. He stressed that the current visit “ is a clear message that Morocco is ready to face all possible and imaginable scenarios. But with the current situation in the Sahel and Sahara region, particularly in Libya, Mali and the Algerian internal crisis, it has become imperative to take measures to end any threats that would undermine the stability of the Kingdom. “.

And the researcher added, ” Two readings can be presented for this visit; the first is natural and routine and relates to the consideration of all contingencies and the readiness of the armed forces while the second is a warning, warning, forward-looking approach for those who attempt to attack the security of Morocco by sending clear messages based on the defense of the unity and stability of the Kingdom of Morocco “.

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