Eric Zemmour in front of his judges: 10,000 euros fine for insult and incitement to hatred

Eric Zemmour received a third criminal conviction on Friday and it was imposed on him by the Paris court. Eric Zemmour was found guilty on Friday of public insult and public provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence because of a religion, Islam in this case.

The decision was accompanied by a fine of 10,000 euros. This conviction comes in response to a speech in September 2019 in which he had made use of utterance of hate discrimination and incitement to violence during a political rally in Paris during the Convention of the Right organized by relatives of Marion Maréchal Le Pen. Eric Zemmour appeared for these remarks broadcast in their entirety on LCI and live, from 2:20 p.m. to 2:51 p.m., his anti-Islam and anti-immigration speech had provoked many negative reactions, some like Prime Minister Édouard Philippe at the time. denouncing ” foul speech profoundly contrary to our idea of ​​France and the Republic “.

The Great Mosque of Paris reacted thus at the time, “Secularism, the Nation, the Republic [sont] in danger in the face of the trivialization of xenophobic speeches of hatred and anti-Muslim racism, the sought-after political and social identity divide is an extremist project dangerous for the citizenship of French democracy ”.

Already sentenced in 2011 for provocation to hatred as well as in 2019 just before his hate speech and having no cure, Eric Zemmour therefore reoffended by attacking immigrants ” colonizers “And” the Islamization of the street “, Stating in particular that” all our problems worsened by immigration are worsened by islam Among other insults and hatred in his speech.

The court considered that, “By distinguishing among the French all Muslims opposed to the Native French and by designating them, as well as the Muslim immigrants living in France, not only as criminals responsible for the 2015 attacks but as former colonized people who became colonizers ”, the words made “Constitute an exhortation, sometimes implicit and sometimes explicit, to discrimination and hatred towards the Muslim community and its religion”. The president of the 17e correctional chamber considered that the facts “Go beyond the limits of freedom of expression since it is abusive remarks towards a community and its religion”. The court also noted that the speech was ” prepare “ and the words ” choose “.

Eric Zemmour was also ordered to pay one euro in damages and 1,500 euros for legal costs to eight civil party associations, including the League of Human Rights and SOS-Racism. On this subject, the decision of the 17th chamber of the Paris Criminal Court must be published on the websites of LCI and CNews for eight days. As well as on a hard copy of the newspapers Le Monde, Liberation and Le Figaro.

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