Zniber dismantles untruths about the Moroccan Sahara

The Moroccan delegation to the 45th session of the Human Rights Council (CDH) in Geneva on Tuesday dismantled the untruths and fallacious theses relayed by a small group hostile to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, and whose members are themselves – even pinned down and blamed for abuses and serious violations in the field of human rights.

In a right of reply, the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Omar Zniber, exposed, with supporting evidence, the lies and tendentious interpretations contained in the declaration delivered by Timor -Leste, on behalf of a small group hostile to the Kingdom.

“Contrary to the assertions of the said declaration, the principle of self-determination as enunciated by Resolution 1514 of the General Assembly in 1960 is fundamentally and corollarily linked to the principle of territorial integrity, which is the basis of the Kingdom’s position Morocco for the recovery and preservation of its southern provinces, ”Zniber observed.

He affirmed in this sense that “the way in which this small group today invoked the resolution 1514 of the General Assembly stems from a lack of knowledge of the history of Morocco and the battles waged by its population in the north of its regions. provinces, to those of the south. These, have campaigned for the independence of Morocco throughout the colonial period, and fully live their moroccanity by enjoying all the rights guaranteed throughout the national territory.

He pointed out, moreover, “that among the majority of the countries registered in this small group, are those which benefited from the military, political and diplomatic support of Morocco for their release, in particular Algeria, South Africa. , Namibia and Angola ”.

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The Ambassador invited, in this regard, “the members of this group to read attentively and scrupulously the history of my country before proclaiming, contradictorily, that they respect its territorial integrity”.

Zniber recalled, moreover, that the question of the Moroccan Sahara was registered with the UN, in 1963, at the initiative of Morocco, within the framework of the completion of its territorial integrity, whereas the separatist entity did not exist. not even.

“We are therefore faced with a truncated and fallacious reading of the elements of International Law, in favor of a separatist movement manipulated for more than 40 years against Morocco by its adversaries, in particular Algeria”, he maintained.

Algeria which, as everyone knows, despite its denials, participates, as a party concerned, in the Round Tables on the Sahara, at the request of the Security Council, which attributes to it, on behalf of the International Community, a particular responsibility in the genesis of the conflict, as well as for its resolution, recalled the ambassador.

Regarding the false accusations concerning the human rights situation and the consequences of COVID 19 in the Kingdom, in particular in the southern provinces, Zniber said that he “had already had the opportunity, before this august assembly, to detail the rights and freedoms enjoyed by the populations in these provinces, as also observed by the multitude of international observers, journalists, official delegations, who visit these provinces continuously ”.

And to continue: “this group, in whose name Timore Leste made the declaration, went so far as to instrumentalize the Covid-19 crisis when in reality the provinces of southern Morocco record the lowest contamination rates at the national level thanks to the attention and the important infrastructures that are deployed there ”.

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He drew the attention of the members of the CDH to the content of the messages sent by the Presidents of the Regional Councils of Laâyoune and Dakhla, whose members are democratically elected, and of a large number of national and international NGOs, who welcome climate of stability, tranquility, respect and promotion of human rights in the southern provinces of Morocco, and at the same time denounce the false and self-serving propaganda of our adversaries.

“In fact,” he continued, “Morocco’s efforts to strengthen the promotion and effective protection of human rights are also continuing in the two regions of the Moroccan Sahara which are governed by the same provisions. of the national legislative and institutional framework, and which fit fully, in all serenity and without any distinction, into the dynamic of development and enjoyment by citizens of their rights throughout the territory of the Kingdom ”.

He also wished to remind the delegations of this small group of the serious abuses and violations of human rights in their respective countries, which for the most part are not only the subject of reports before this Council, but are subject to some of its most intrusive procedures, calling “the members of this Council to carefully read the list of countries of this small group in a perspective of promotion and respect of human rights”.

He also reaffirmed the commitment of Morocco, like a large majority of delegations present at this session to maintain a serene and constructive climate in the debates within the Council, which is not the appropriate place to spread the differences and hostilities. on political questions outside the mandate of this honorable assembly ”.

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