the FGD promises war on El Othmani

The deputy of the federation of the democratic left, Mustapha Chennaoui, promised the head of government, Saad Eddine El-Othmani, a strong response to the decision to submit on Wednesday the draft organic law relating to the exercise of the right to strike to a committee of the House of Representatives.

Chennaoui, who reacted to this decision on his Facebook page, called on El Othmani to withdraw organic law 91.15 which is scheduled for Wednesday at the committee for social sectors of the chamber of representatives.

The left-wing deputy protested against this approach taken while the country was going through a very delicate epidemiological situation. “It is really regrettable, contrary to customs and in contradiction with the epidemic situation that the country is going through that the government gives priority to this law to muzzle voices, violate freedoms and respond favorably to savage liberal demands”, wrote Chennaoui.

The 2011 constitution guarantees the right to strike and requires the adoption of an organic law to regulate the conditions and modalities of its exercise, within five years after the entry into force of the constitution. This bill has been in the drawer since it was passed by the previous government in extremis at the end of the last legislature in 2016.


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