Swedish innovation revolutionizes the global hospitality industry

The first priority for a hotel should be to get a good night’s sleep to its customers. However, this service must include the guarantee of a comfortable hotel bed, a promise that until now has been impossible to keep since each guest has their own preferences. Now things can change with the launch by Swedish company YouBed of a bed innovation that offers personalized mattress comfort.

Together with Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Investment Board, YouBed is launching a global launch, offering its innovation, “the universal bed”, to hotel chains around the world. Swedish company YouBed has invented a way to adjust the firmness of a high-quality pocket coil mattress without compromising on the highest levels of sleeping comfort, all using a simple remote control. This universal bed solution will be offered globally using a unique sleep concept known to be a game changer for the hospitality industry.

It allows hotels to finally offer what every guest deserves: the guarantee of a comfortable hotel bed and the best conditions for a good night’s sleep. – Personalized sleeping comfort is the missing link that will finally allow hotels to reach their full potential. We hope that many of you will see this as a great opportunity to outperform your hotel’s offering and competitiveness. I wouldn’t be surprised if our innovation creates a paradigm shift within the hospitality industry. It is our responsibility to support this development in the best possible way. So we’ve spent years proving the concept of sleep, while also building the infrastructure and capacity to support projected global demand, says Mattias Sörensen, CEO and Founder of YouBed.

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The YouBed sleep concept is being launched globally as part of a unique collaboration with Business Sweden and other government departments. The 44 new YouBed offices (with the capacity to support all markets around the world) have already started discussions with regional hotel groups, which should lead to local launches all over the world.

YouBed decided from the start to use our existing support structures, a shortcut for large companies to quickly access global markets. As we were partners from the start of the process, we were able to tailor our participation based on this long-term business relationship. We are really proud to participate in the creation of a new Swedish multinational company and to support its revolutionary innovation in the proportions it deserves ”, says Fredrik Fexe, Executive Vice President, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Business Sweden.

YouBed is currently available in all Mövenpick Hotels in Europe, as well as in Scandinavian First Hotels and Scandic Hotels. First, the YouBed sleep concept is reserved for corporate brand launches that include all of the chain’s hotels. www.youbed.com

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