New special envoy to Libya: UN Security Council adopts resolution

The Security Council on Tuesday adopted a resolution on the appointment by the calling on the UN Secretary General of a new special envoy for Libya, called to “mediate with Libyan and international actors to end to conflict ”in this country.

According to the text of the resolution, it will also be a question of appointing a coordinator responsible for managing the operations and administration of the United Nations political mission in this country (Manul).

The text, voted by 13 votes in favor at the level of the Council, Russia and China having abstained, also renews for one year the mandate of Manul.

Through this resolution, the Security Council calls on the Secretary General of the United Nations to appoint “without delay” his new special envoy for Libya, six months after the resignation of Ghassan Salamé as emissary for health reasons. .

Manul is currently headed by the American Stephanie Williams, the deputy to the former UN envoy.

The resolution also asks the Secretary-General to define in the next two months “the steps to achieve a lasting ceasefire” in Libya and to provide recommendations on a possible role of the UN in monitoring the ceasefire. -fire.

The text also insists on the “full application” of the arms embargo in Libya and “the cessation of all support and the withdrawal of all armed mercenaries” from the country.

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