Moroccan artist Anouar Al Joundi bows out

Moroccan artist Anouar Al Joundi bows out

Rabat – The artist, actor and playwright Anouar Al Joundi died Tuesday in Rabat at the age of 59 from a long illness, we learned from his family.

Coming from a family of artists par excellence, since his late father Mohamed Hassan Al Joundi was a “giant” of art who had enriched the Moroccan and Arab theatrical and cinematographic scene with his works. The late Fatima Benmeziane, mother of Anouar Al Joundi, she also left her mark on the art world thanks to numerous works in theater, cinema and television.

The deceased began his artistic career very early, distinguishing himself at the age of 12, for his role of a Palestinian child in the play “Al Qadia”, written by his father.

The late Anouar Al Joundi left his mark on the artistic scene by presenting several works in the fields of directing and acting, with a touch that embodied his vision.

The deceased also wrote several plays and participated in cinematographic and televised works, notably the film “Abdou chez les Almohades” and the series “Al Oussia”, “Rabii Cortoba” and “Zhar Al Batoul”.

Last modification: September 15, 2020

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