INDH: Focus on the development of artisanal fishing in Chtouka Ait-Baha

INDH: Focus on the development of artisanal fishing in Chtouka Ait-Baha

Biougra (Chtouka Ait-Baha) – The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) in Chtouka Ait-Baha recently focused on upgrading the artisanal fishing sector in the province, as a lever for development social and economic.

In this context, the governor of the province, Jamal Khallouq, delivered a new batch of artisanal fishing boats with modern standards, to sailors from the Tifnit cooperative at the level of the commune of Sidi-Bibi, for an envelope budget of 940,000 DH.

The governor of Chtouka Ait-Baha and the accompanying delegation inquired about the technical sheet of the boats, able to allow these professionals to practice their activities in good conditions, while respecting the safety rules, we learn. with the provincial social service.

The members of the cooperative, for their part, praised this initiative aimed at improving their social and economic situation, recalling the efforts made by the provincial authorities to set up the various INDH projects intended for the province.

On this occasion, these professionals urged the authorities to put in place prevention and rescue equipment and to build a port for the berthing of boats.

Mr. Khallouq had delivered a first batch of these boats for the benefit of 50 sailors from the Douira cooperative in the municipality of Inchaden, for a total amount of 1.6 MDH.

Last modification: September 15, 2020

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