Coronavirus: an upsurge in deaths in Europe expected in October and November

The months of October and November will be the highest for coronavirus-related deaths in Europe, said World Health Organization (WHO) European director Hans Kluge.

“It’s going to get harder. In October, in November, we will see a higher mortality ”, declared Hans Kluge at a time when the number of recorded cases continues to increase on the Old Continent. This increase in deaths is due to a second epidemic wave, expected in autumn-winter.

WHO Europe brings together all of its fifty or so member states on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the response to the pandemic and agree on its five-year strategy. During this meeting, Hans Kluge warned about the expectations related to the discovery of a vaccine. “I hear all the time: ‘The vaccine is going to be the end of the epidemic. Of course not ! “, He warned. Indeed, according to the WHO European director, the vaccine may not be effective in all the population. It might be effective for some and not for others.

Wanting to conclude on a more positive note, Hans Kluge asserted that “the end of this pandemic will be when, as a community, we learn to live with this pandemic. And that depends on us ”.

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