a contested decision in the absence of strict measures for cafes, shops …

The last-minute decision taken by the Ministry of National Education to apply distance education in all the districts of Casablanca, and several other cities of the Kingdom, has still not passed.

This decision ” surprise “, Which took place the day before the start of the school year scheduled for September 7 following the consequent increase in confirmed Covid-19 cases, also concerned nurseries, where it is not a question of outright education, but rather education and support for children aged between 1 and 4 years. Support that cannot be done remotely, say industry professionals.

In an open letter addressed to the Minister of National Education, Said Amzazi, and published on social networks, the director of a crèche in the metropolis, forced to close her establishment since the announcement of the supervision on September 6 in the evening, expressed his outrage at this decision, clarifying the how and why of his anger.

Also a mother of two young children, this professional in the sector first expressed her astonishment at this decision which intervenes ” even though several leisure centers remain open and welcome several children every day, under conditions which are not controlled by any specifications or any organization. Even though cafes and restaurants remain open and for the most part do not respect social distancing or wearing masks, even as supermarkets are swarming with people, children without masks; even though public transport is operational … “.

All this and more does not take place in nurseries, she points out. And yet, even before giving the schools time to prove it, the national education department has decided to close everything, she underlines.

While the rule was face-to-face teaching for the 2020-2021 school year, with the possibility for parents to choose between face-to-face and distance learning (a decision criticized at length by parents and unions), private schools, especially nurseries, have prepared themselves well by putting in place several hygiene measures and protocols and reassuring parents in order to ensure the smooth running of this operation, with the application of the instructions delivered by the guardianship early September.

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That said, it is a wasted material and human investment that ultimately did not benefit anyone. Neither to the pupils, nor to the teachers, nor to the professionals of the sector (bosses, teachers…). A point widely criticized in this letter to the minister, for several reasons.

The first reason given in the letter is the fact that the nurseries are not a center of transmission. “ We welcome children in small numbers (to meet your specifications). Children are neither carriers nor transmitters of this virus », She emphasizes.

“The government authorized Aid Al Adha in the midst of the pandemic, hotels throughout the summer, as well as beaches until a few weeks ago, the death figures caused by the virus have been relatively stable for several weeks, the government must be aware that parents have no other choice but to put their children in nursery to keep them “, did she say. The last reason put forward is the fact that the ” government should understand that children under 6 cannot benefit from remote monitoring “.

For all these reasons, it was therefore “ unthinkable For this professional, her colleagues in the same situation, as well as the parents, that the government was going to take such a decision the day before the start of the school year. “ However, the unthinkable has taken place ”.

Apart from this decision, the letter addressed to Said Amzazi points the finger at the mode of communication of his department which she describes as ” incomplete and fuzzy “.

In Mr Amzazi’s press release, it is nowhere stipulated that kindergartens must close. And yet, the next morning, the moqadems of various towns and districts hastened to close, without any justification, several nurseries, schools and kindergartens, while allowing the schools of Bouskoura and Dar Bouazza to open. According to what logic? The staff of these schools do not live in the area of ​​their nursery. They come from all over Casablanca. While being happy for the parents and the staff of these nurseries, I do not feel any less frustrated, and that only increases the irrationality of this decision. Explains the letter.

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She thus underlines that ” the manner is indisputably questionable, thus creating major disappointment, inconsolable sadness and thus favoring a dangerous loss of benchmarks for the future generation “. The director of the crèche, being also a mother and a citizen, considers in her letter to be entitled to “ explinations “.

By closing schools, you are not solving any problem with this virus. You don’t decrease the contamination rate. Because it is not in schools that contamination takes place. Families come together in large numbers. The children go to clandestine study groups with black-paid teachers. You are just encouraging people to work illegally. You deprive a large number of citizens of education. While it is today, more than ever, that they need it. Need to learn the fundamentals of hygiene, which are not taught anywhere », She indignantly.

Economically, the letter considers that this decision is only a ” step back from education “In Morocco and creates many problems, in particular the fact” to send hundreds of people unemployed “Or the direct contribution” to the bankruptcy of several nurseries “.

While recalling that “ nurseries and kindergartens not only serve as a daycare solution for parents, but are essential environments for the cerebral, cognitive, psychomotor and emotional development of children from 1 to 6 years old… the age when the child can and must learn to think for himself, to read, to write, to count “, The director of the crèche calls in her letter to the responsible minister to” rethink “ his decision and ” reopen kindergartens and schools from Monday September 14 “. A reopening that has not and will not take place, until further notice.

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